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We are exceptional in the field because we have a strong foundation of experience in both sides of the oil & gas industry - as owners and as producers. 


Ames Energy Advisors (AEA) is a Oil & Gas Property Acquisition firm and petroleum geology consulting firm, providing a full range of private client services for individual oil & gas asset owners and investors, trusts, estates and foundations, as well as independent E&P companies. We are unique in the consulting industry due to our personal experience as oil & gas producers, investors, and our expertise in petroleum technologies. We maintain an extensive network of oil & gas producers and prospect generators in all petroleum provinces throughout the United States. This gives us excellent exposure to high-quality oil & gas investments projects. 


What we do

AEA, established in 2010, combines their team's extensive experience in the oil & gas industry to create a firm that is uniquely qualified to serve private oil & gas asset owners.  MORE...

Areas of operation

AEA is currently active in most of the Unconventional Basins across the United States. We have experience in all petroleum provinces in the North American Continent.